About Natasha

Having moved to a small town as a student of photojournalism, from Ottawa, I’ve been working on the craft of photography, writing and multimedia story telling. I am motivated by my natural curiosity of the everyday life of people and creatures who walk the earth.

I tend to be drawn to longer term – documentary style stories. Since I’m new to the field I am in the process of exploring this aspect of photojournalism.

Before attending the photojournalism program, I spent time in British Columbia. The majority of my summer was at a wildlife rehabilitation centre and the rest spent camping and exploring the province. It was then I knew a 9-5 sit-in desk job was not for me. I needed the option of movement to satisfy my desire for finding new places, meeting new people and indulging in new experiences.

Photojournalism is a unique passion that I’m happy to have stumbled upon. It’s one that I’ve found can be inclusive, objective and with endless stories to tell.

We may not know what is coming next, but at least the present is something to take note of.